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Which is harder? – Video

As I’m working on the edit for the Triple-T promo video, I’m going through the interviews I’ve done so far. Through each of them I’m learning about how each racer views the challenge differently and how each perspective is so similar, yet so different. I’ve also heard some interesting stories. This one was especially amusing!

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American Triple-T 2013 Recap Video

My project with the Triple-T was twofold. The primary objective is to create a promo video to highlight on the updated Triple-T website which will be going live in the next few weeks. The other project was to create a recap video to play at the awards ceremony the last day of the weekend. This was a pretty crazy thing for me, I had never had that quick of a turnaround on such a large project. The final video turned out great, though, and I could have easily made it twice as long with how much footage I had to cut out! Here’s a quick look at the weekend! Enjoy! Continue reading »

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Goggle Video Review

Here’s a video review I did taking a look at my Tyr Socket Rocket goggles and my new Tyr Special Ops goggles.


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Giant Eagle Multisport Festival Sprint Triathlon Bike Course

If you’ve been following my site already, you might have seen my first video showing the Olympic distance bike course for the Giant Eagle Multisport Festival July 29. That video was so well received that I went ahead and did the same recording for the Girls Tri Too (July 28th) course and now the sprint distance course!

For those of you who did the inaugural race last year, you might be surprised to see the course is different. Due to traffic concerns with ODOT at the intersection of High St. (rt 23) and 270, the organizers had to find a different route. If you want to see the full official map of the route, you can find it here. Continue reading »

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Giant Eagle Multisport Festival – Girls Tri Too Course Preview

My main race this year is the Giant Eagle Multisport Festival Olympic distance triathlon organized by HFP Racing that will be held on July 29th here in Columbus, OH. In preparation, I’ve been scouting out the course and trying to get more familiar with it so I’m ready for everything.

Another race that’s a part of the festival is the Girls Tri Too race. This is a beginner friendly race for women who want to give triathlon a try but aren’t comfortable with larger scale races.

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