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2013 Goals and Plans

The new year is here and it’s the time when people everywhere look at their lives and try to figure out what to do differently in the new year. Every year I try to do the same and look ahead to what I want to improve and do during the upcoming year. Realistically, I have a good idea already of what needs to be changed and what I’d like to do. This coming year things look a bit different than they did last year since I have a new job and grad school to worry about, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still set some goals and do some racing. Continue reading »

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Halfheartedness, meet motivation!

Well, it looks like I’ve finally got something to get me going this season. Every year I’ve had to find something. The first year it was just finishing the race. Two years ago it was trying to beat my sprint time from the previous year. Last year it was trying to beat my Olympic time by an hour (which, due to grad school was pulled back to 30-45min and I did a respectable 43min faster than the first time). This year it was, well, nothing. Seriously, I tried to find some kind of motivation that would give me the kick I need to get my training off the ground. The problem this year is that I have grad school to worry about and a new job that isn’t as flexible with time as my last one was. Well, it’s flexible, but between the commute and daycare for the kids, I’m on a tight schedule for working out during the week. Continue reading »

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Goggle Video Review

Here’s a video review I did taking a look at my Tyr Socket Rocket goggles and my new Tyr Special Ops goggles.


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Working out through life’s big changes

It’s been a while since i posted last and even though I really wanted to post here a few times, I just haven’t had the time. I posted a while back that I just got a new job and the change has really affected our schedule and everything. Working out had been more difficult over the past few months, but I still was able to get some good ones in each week. Since starting the new job, it’s become even harder to get time in for exercise. I still have my homework for grad school to do each week and now I have less time to do it in because of my work schedule. I have more time on the weekends, but that’s not enough time to get everything done in alone. I’ve been getting up early and working on school and I did get one early morning run in this past week, so I’m going to try to get things more figured out with a weekly schedule. Continue reading »

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Giant Eagle Multisport Festival 2012 – The Coach’s Perspective

July 29th was my main race for the season: the Giant Eagle Multisport Festival Olympic Distance Triathlon. Since this will be fairly detailed, I’m going to break it up into multiple sections: pre-race/swim, bike/run, post-race/observations, and GPS recording. The Coach also wrote a post about her experience as a spectator watching the point-to-point race along the way.


Triathletes and spectators, alike, could not have asked for a more beautiful morning. My day started at 4:57 a.m. Rob was already gone when I got out of bed. At 4:50, Rob’s Dad took him out to Alum Creek, the start for the swim. We were on the road at 5:52 a.m., three kids packed in the van (toddler twins and a baby), coffee in hand (for the Grandparents), water (for me), and a cooler full of food and drink. We parked in a little parking area off of Lewis Center road. There was a gravel path that was about 0.5 mile from the road to the Creek. Dad took the twins down in the “Strech Limo” and I carried Baby about halfway, while Mom rolled the food down on the umbrella stroller. Twenty-one pounds of Baby got heavy, so I put him in the stroller and we continued on. That trip took about 20 minutes. Continue reading »

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