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Catching Up (Again)

It seems life is cyclical sometimes. In this case, it’s the fact that I have gone a long time since the last time I blogged. What’s happened since last June? Quite a bit. I’ve done a couple races, changed jobs, completed a few video projects, had training ups and downs, and started preparing for the new season of racing.

I plan on writing some more posts soon going over some of the stuff that I’ve been up to.  Right now I’m just in training mode as I prep for the first race of my season: the O’Bleness Health System Race for a Reason. This is the fourth year I’ll be racing here and it’s always been a lot of fun.

I’ve been working out pretty regularly and things are going well overall. Life is busy (what else is new) so I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve had to skip workouts and plenty of frustrating days. I’ll have posts coming that talk more about how my training is going, but for now I just wanted to get started again.

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Workout Wrapup – May 26-June 1

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Monday: Short Run (pushing kids)

  • Distance: 3.55mi
  • Time: 35:12
  • Avg Pace: 9:55min/mi
  • Description: After filming some interviews for the Triple-T promo video, I thought that the rest of the day would be spent relaxing and hanging around the house. Part of me wanted to get some kind of exercise in since it was Memorial Day and we had the day off from work, but I figured that we’d just lay low that afternoon. To my surprise, The Coach suggested that we go for a run with the kids so we headed out and did the route I normally take in the mornings. It was a bit rough since we had the kids and it was pretty warm out, but overall, not a bad run! Continue reading »
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Workout Wrapup May 19-25

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Monday: Medium Run (pushing kids)

  • Distance: 6.93mi
  • Time: 1:16:34
  • Avg Pace: 11:03min/mi
  • Description: I was sitting at work thinking about how I was looking at another Monday where I didn’t get up early enough to work out and wanting to get out and exercise so I decided to run to the daycare and pick up the twins in the jogging stroller and run them home (our youngest was home with my mom who was in town to help watch the kids while I was out of town that weekend). It sounded like a good idea and when I got home The Coach decided to join me. One thing we didn’t take into account was how hot and humid it was. It was in the mid to upper 80’s and pretty humid. We got halfway there and were feeling it pretty good. It didn’t help that I was still recovering from a long weekend and The Coach hadn’t really had enough water all day. We finally got to the daycare, got the twins (60+lbs!) and started back. I had to walk a few times and even stop at least once, but we made it. If I had been solo it might have been a bit quicker, but probably still slow. It’s always a good workout to push them, though!

Tuesday: Lifting at home

  • Time: 30min
  • Description: I couldn’t ride my bike on the trainer since my mom was in the same room sleeping and The Coach went to the gym to workout so I decided to lift instead. I did some squats, lunges, bicep curls and crunches. Nothing major.

Wednesday: Running to and from the gym and lifting

  • Distance: 3.06mi
  • Time: 29:34
  • Avg Pace: 9:40min/mi
  • Description: For the first time in a long time, The Coach and I got to work out in the morning together on a weekday! My mom was in town so she could keep an eye on the kids if they woke up (we left the house just before 6am) so we could go on our own. We decided to run to the rec center, lift then run home. It’s just about 1.5mi to the rec center from our house so it ended up being a 3mi round trip. While there, I did some arm workouts and leg presses, not too much because of time. It was fun to run down there and back and do a little lifting between. The pace could have been faster, but you can’t have everything…

Thursday: Short Interval Ride

  • Distance: 8.7mi
  • Time: 34:01
  • Avg Speed: 15.3mph
  • Description: The second time I’ve done this interval set: 5min warmup, 90sec race pace+, 3min rest, repeat 6x, 5min cooldown. The last rest just was part of the cooldown. It was another rough time on the bike, but good. I need to keep working my legs to get ready for the race coming up.

Saturday: Lifting, Spinning, Lap Swim

  • Distance: 1000yd
  • Time: 19:01
  • Avg Pace: 1:54min/100yd
  • Description: This was another of our weekly tradition of lifting then swimming. I lifted for about 40min, hopped on a spinning bike for about 25min, then went ahead and swam afterward. This was the first time I’d ever used one of these spinning bikes and it’s kinda cool, but annoying too. I’d rather something that automatically sets the resistance for me, but this just tells me what to do and I have to set it. It’s nice because I know how difficult it is, but it’s not something I particularly wanted to deal with. It also tells you to wear a heartrate monitor but since I didn’t have one with me and there aren’t any sensors on it I had to watch the screen tell me my heartrate was 0 and that I needed to decrease my cadence and increase my resistance to get my heartrate up. One nice thing, though, it had a dock for my ipod and I was able to listen to music through it. I could have used my arm band or something, but I got pretty sweaty so it was nice to keep the ipod away from me a bit.

For the first time in a very long time (5 weeks!) I actually worked out 5 times in a single week! It felt really good to get out and exercise and I was very motivated by watching the race last weekend. I realized that I need to get my butt in gear if I ever want to be in good enough shape to tackle that challenge.

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Preparing for my first race of the season

In a few days my 2013 season of racing officially begins. As with the past few years, I’m starting off with a sprint on the campus of Ohio University, where I went for my undergrad degrees. The race is a fun one with a 500m pool swim, 18mi bike through some large rolling hills and a 5k run through the campus and along the Hocking River. I’ve done it both years since it started so it’s been fun to see how things have progressed. The bike and swim haven’t changed, but the run is slightly different. The big change last year was when the triathlon joined up with the O’Bleness Health System Race for a Reason. This brought a couple additional races including a mud run and 5k. The best part of these additional races is that it brings more people and more energy to the event which makes it more fun. Continue reading »

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Workout Wrapup April 7-13

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Sunday: Short Run

  • Distance: 2.4mi
  • Time: 21:32
  • Avg Pace: 9:00min/mi
  • Description: It was super nice out so I decided to run with the kids in the Burley for the first time this spring. Of course, we also had somewhere to go that morning so by the time I got out the door with them and on the road, it was pretty late. So I was only able to go just under 2.5mi. Really looking forward to many more runs with them! It is also good to note that I was able to push them at a 9min pace, not bad for pushing 60+lbs of toddlers + stroller!

Wednesday: Trainer Ride

  • Time: 30:01
  • Description: Jump on and go. Seems to be the trend around here…So I did 5min warmup then 20min at a high resistance and another 5min cooldown. It wasn’t fun, but it was good. I need to keep working my legs to get ready for the hills I’ll be seeing at my first race in a couple weeks!

Saturday: Swim and Lift

  • Distance: 1025yd
  • Time: 20:39
  • Avg pace: 1:56/100yd
  • Description: Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve been in the pool! I finally got in and swam again and it felt good, but I could tell it’s been a while. I did a 200yd warmup then a 550yd straight to see how I’d do at the distance of my first race this season. My pace for that chunk was 1:59/100yd. Not great, but it’s only 4sec/100yd off my estimated pace that I planned on. I also ended up swimming in my full race gear. Well, except for the swim cap. It is always an adjustment when I start swimming with the tri top on so I wanted to see how things would feel with it on. I know when it comes down to race morning, I’ll be pumped with adrenalin but I’m happy about where I’m at for the moment. Before swimming I also lifted for a bit so I know that affected my performance in the water as well.

Not a bad week overall. Not great, but 4 workouts in a week is pretty good these days. I’m feeling  a bit better physically and starting to get that motivation back. It got cold this week again, not super cold, but down to the 40’s at times. It was enough to make me not want to be outside running some of the days. We also had a late night with one of our kids waking up in the middle of the night so that was rough on us for sleeping. It’s just time to keep working and speeding up.

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