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Catching Up (Again)

It seems life is cyclical sometimes. In this case, it’s the fact that I have gone a long time since the last time I blogged. What’s happened since last June? Quite a bit. I’ve done a couple races, changed jobs, completed a few video projects, had training ups and downs, and started preparing for the new season of racing.

I plan on writing some more posts soon going over some of the stuff that I’ve been up to.  Right now I’m just in training mode as I prep for the first race of my season: the O’Bleness Health System Race for a Reason. This is the fourth year I’ll be racing here and it’s always been a lot of fun.

I’ve been working out pretty regularly and things are going well overall. Life is busy (what else is new) so I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve had to skip workouts and plenty of frustrating days. I’ll have posts coming that talk more about how my training is going, but for now I just wanted to get started again.

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Workout Wrapup – May 26-June 1

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Monday: Short Run (pushing kids)

  • Distance: 3.55mi
  • Time: 35:12
  • Avg Pace: 9:55min/mi
  • Description: After filming some interviews for the Triple-T promo video, I thought that the rest of the day would be spent relaxing and hanging around the house. Part of me wanted to get some kind of exercise in since it was Memorial Day and we had the day off from work, but I figured that we’d just lay low that afternoon. To my surprise, The Coach suggested that we go for a run with the kids so we headed out and did the route I normally take in the mornings. It was a bit rough since we had the kids and it was pretty warm out, but overall, not a bad run! Continue reading »
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Workout Wrapup March 3-9

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Sunday: Trail Run

  • Distance: 4.51mi
  • Time: 42:23
  • Avg Pace: 9:24min/mi
  • Description: There seems to be a trend with the trail runs. It seems like every week right before the run, either the night before, day before or a couple days before, it snows. There has been snow or ice on the ground for every one of the runs except maybe one was a little warm (well, above freezing, but still cold). This was the same deal. A light dust of snow kept it feeling like winter. Most people who normally came to the runs weren’t there so it ended up just being two of us going out. We weren’t quite the same pace so after the first 1/2mi or 1mi I was on my own. It’s always a fun time getting out and enjoying nature like this so I didn’t mind. I noticed, though, that my recent fatigue and lack of sleep has been catching up to me since my pace was not the greatest. If it wasn’t for the steep uphill toward the end of the run, I would have done pretty good.

Tuesday: Trainer Ride

  • Time: 25:07
  • Description: I’m not exactly a fan of the trainer. This is quite obvious looking at my time on the trainer last year. I think I did it twice for a total of about an hour combined. So this year’s rides have vastly outnumbered last year. That doesn’t really mean much for the fact I still dislike the trainer. I decided that I would not worry about pace this time and instead increase the resistance. I put the bike in a higher gear and just cranked on it for 25min. There was a few min toward the end when I increased the resistance even more, but overall I kept it consistent. Listening to music definitely helps. I also need to put a movie or something on my iPod for some variety.

Wednesday: Short Run

  • Distance: 1.68mi
  • Time: 13:48
  • Avg Pace: 8:13min/mi
  • Description: Our van needed repairs so I dropped it off at the mechanic. Since I had to drop it off after work it also meant that I had no way to get home since the kids can’t fit in our other car and leaving them home alone wouldn’t be a good idea. So I dropped the van off and ran home. Partially because it was a short run, it was late in the day, I was hungry and I forgot my gloves I ended up running pretty fast home. My 8:13 pace was the fastest I’ve run in a long time. It was nice to see that kind of speed was in me, just a matter of endurance on that.

Thursday: Short Run

  • Distance: 1.68mi
  • Time: 13:23
  • Avg Pace: 7:58min/mi
  • Description: This was part 2 of my run from the day before. The van was ready to go somewhere around midnight so I elected to get it first thing in the morning. You can see the difference not being tired from a long day at work made! OK, it’s only a 15sec faster pace, but still. That was nice to see a 7:00min range pace show up instead of an 8:00min range.

That was all for the week. For the first time this year I didn’t get a chance to swim because we went out of town for the weekend. That’s also why I didn’t work out again on Saturday.

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Workout Wrapup Feb 24-Mar 2

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Sunday: Long Run

  • Distance: 5.25mi
  • Time: 45:04
  • Avg Pace: 8:35min/mi
  • Description: The weekly trail run was off for this week so I decided to run anyway and just leave from home. The nice thing was that I could go a little earlier and be out longer while still getting done earlier than I would if I had gone to one of the runs. I’m starting to push out and get my distances up with the hopes of doing a half marathon maybe later this year. I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of getting the miles in and not pushing too hard like the last time I was increasing my distance.

Tuesday: Trainer Ride

  • Time: 30:07
  • Description: I really didn’t want to ride this morning. I was originally going to do a longer ride since most of my rides have been 30min but ended up sleeping more because I was pretty tired. I ended up riding still and only did 30min. I decided to skip doing intervals and just did a steady pace through the whole thing.

Wednesday: Lap Swim

  • Distance: 1300yd
  • Time: 26:28
  • Avg Pace: 2:02min/100yd
  • Description: Most of the time when I’ve been swimming I’ve been doing interval sets with a few medium length sets mixed in. I like to do 550yd sets here and there so that I can get used to the distance for my first race of the season, but I wanted to do something longer. So I ended up planning on doing two 550’s back to back to make 1100yd. I got close to the end of the set and could have sworn I hadn’t done as many laps as my watch said I did. So i decided to keep going longer and did until it said I did 1200. I did another 100 cool down then checked the watch and apparently, I just spaced out a little too much during the swim because my watch was right. So I did an extra 100yd than what I planned. Not a big deal.

Friday: Short Run

  • Distance: 2.5mi
  • Time: 20:57
  • Avg Pace: 8:23min/mi
  • Description: I really didn’t feel like running this morning. I was going in to work early and got to bed late the night before so I was really close to sleeping through the run and not bothering. Add to that the fact that the kids were home from daycare that day so I needed to get up and out quietly so they wouldn’t wake up at 6am when they could sleep until 8. I ended up driving to the rec center and running from there. By that point I was a little more into the run but still not feeling very energized. Based on time available I decided to do just over 2mi and headed out on the bike path. A little out and back with a loop around the parking lot and I had done 2.5mi and was feeling pretty good. As usual, I was glad I went.

Well, this was it. It really wasn’t a big week for working out but as I noted already, I was finishing up one job and getting things wrapped up. That didn’t really give much time to get outside and do anything. I’m hoping that as the fall progresses and life settles down a little I’ll be able to get back up to speed and back in shape.

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When 4mi turns into 6.3

Most parents know how things go with little kids. This has happened so many times to us. We get a call that one of our kids has a fever and has to come home from daycare. We get them, take them home, give them some meds and put them to sleep. The next day as we’re burning a sick day that “sick” kid is running around, smiling and basically acting completely normal. I understand why they have to be home, just in case they have a nasty virus or something that will be contagious to the other kids, but many times whatever it is doesn’t bother them the next day. So recently, I was home on one of these sick days and the weather amazingly was in the upper 50’s…in January. So I had to take advantage of it. Continue reading »

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