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Which is harder? – Video

As I’m working on the edit for the Triple-T promo video, I’m going through the interviews I’ve done so far. Through each of them I’m learning about how each racer views the challenge differently and how each perspective is so similar, yet so different. I’ve also heard some interesting stories. This one was especially amusing!

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Preparing for my first race of the season

In a few days my 2013 season of racing officially begins. As with the past few years, I’m starting off with a sprint on the campus of Ohio University, where I went for my undergrad degrees. The race is a fun one with a 500m pool swim, 18mi bike through some large rolling hills and a 5k run through the campus and along the Hocking River. I’ve done it both years since it started so it’s been fun to see how things have progressed. The bike and swim haven’t changed, but the run is slightly different. The big change last year was when the triathlon joined up with the O’Bleness Health System Race for a Reason. This brought a couple additional races including a mud run and 5k. The best part of these additional races is that it brings more people and more energy to the event which makes it more fun. Continue reading »

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5 Tips For Planning A Family-Friendly Race Season –

Here’s a pretty cool article I came across about how to plan out your race season while keeping in mind your family. I’ve found it’s really hard to try to balance having kids, a job and training all at the same time and planning out what races to do and when to do them has always been a challenge. Personally, I’m probably going to end up going to at least one or two races by myself because it’s just not worth it to get the kids up and out in time for most races I do. The article points out a bunch of great suggestions to get the most out of your season and keeping in mind your family. The author is a father of three very similar to me (twins+1 additional, though his singleton came first) and has a pretty cool blog you can find here.

The article can be found here.

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Halfheartedness, meet motivation!

Well, it looks like I’ve finally got something to get me going this season. Every year I’ve had to find something. The first year it was just finishing the race. Two years ago it was trying to beat my sprint time from the previous year. Last year it was trying to beat my Olympic time by an hour (which, due to grad school was pulled back to 30-45min and I did a respectable 43min faster than the first time). This year it was, well, nothing. Seriously, I tried to find some kind of motivation that would give me the kick I need to get my training off the ground. The problem this year is that I have grad school to worry about and a new job that isn’t as flexible with time as my last one was. Well, it’s flexible, but between the commute and daycare for the kids, I’m on a tight schedule for working out during the week. Continue reading »

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NIght Moves 5k

Last Friday night our family participated in the March of Dimes Night Moves 5k. This was the first time we did an event all as a family so it was a new experience and a lot of fun! We have a special affinity for March of Dimes because all three of our children were premature and spent time in the NICU after birth.

Friday afternoon we had a doctor appointment for our 1-yr-old and after that was done we headed home to prepare for the race. Our older twins were still in daycare so we were able to get everything set before it was time to pick them up. We have a double jogging stroller and a single jogging stroller so I first had to figure out how to compact both into the van. After some fiddling, I got the double in the trunk and the single took over one of the seats in the middle row. I’m pretty sure I could get them both in the back, but for the event, I just wanted to get them in and get going. Continue reading »

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