The Time Crunched Athlete | Infographic

Cycling Injuries and Tips –

Here’s an interesting infographic about cycling injuries. It mainly deals with what causes the injuries, but does have some tips about how to not get injured. Interestingly, even though it talks about all the ways cycling is dangerous, it contains the statistic that the benefits of cycling outweigh the dangers 20:1.

You can check it out here.

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50 Bodyweight Exercises –

Don’t think you can work out because you don’t have equipment? Here’s a list of 50 things that you can do without any gear! Don’t think that sounds like much of a challenge? Give it a try and you’ll be surprised!

The list can be found here.

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The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition [Infographic] – From

Here’s a pretty cool infographic about workout nutrition from It goes through nutrition for pre, post and during workout periods with reasons why each is important and how each type of food fits into things. All in all a pretty nifty guide.

It can be found here.

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Misfit Wearables: Health Devices Infographic

Here’s a cool infographic going through some of the different types of heath devices you can find and some other info about them. I’d go through more, but I’m in the middle of finals for school and can’t write much. Back to normal posting next week!

Here’s the link:

Be sure to check out the other pages in the series (the large left and right arrows on each side of the page), there’s a lot of interesting info in there!

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Here’s another cool infographic, this time about interval training. The graphic goes through three types of interval training and even has a workout for each of them. You can find it here. Found through here.

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

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