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2013 Goals and Plans

The new year is here and it’s the time when people everywhere look at their lives and try to figure out what to do differently in the new year. Every year I try to do the same and look ahead to what I want to improve and do during the upcoming year. Realistically, I have a good idea already of what needs to be changed and what I’d like to do. This coming year things look a bit different than they did last year since I have a new job and grad school to worry about, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still set some goals and do some racing. Continue reading »

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2012 Workout Wrapup

A friend of mine did her wrapup of her running this past year and it got me thinking about looking back over this past year and seeing how things went. Thinking about the year as a whole, there were a lot of ups and downs with some of my training not going as hoped, cramping during my main race of the season, school making it harder to train and then a job change that completely shifted my workout schedule and flexibility. At the same time, I’ve had some positives that were unexpected. I started the year out doing regular swims of 3,000+ yd each week. I’ve been able to get back into regular training despite only really being able to train early morning. I had hoped to do 2:30 for my main race of the season but revised that down to 2:45 as I got closer and realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be. During the race I cramped really bad on the run but still was within only a couple min of hitting that mark. Looking back is always a great way to get inspired for the future. Continue reading »

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Halfheartedness, meet motivation!

Well, it looks like I’ve finally got something to get me going this season. Every year I’ve had to find something. The first year it was just finishing the race. Two years ago it was trying to beat my sprint time from the previous year. Last year it was trying to beat my Olympic time by an hour (which, due to grad school was pulled back to 30-45min and I did a respectable 43min faster than the first time). This year it was, well, nothing. Seriously, I tried to find some kind of motivation that would give me the kick I need to get my training off the ground. The problem this year is that I have grad school to worry about and a new job that isn’t as flexible with time as my last one was. Well, it’s flexible, but between the commute and daycare for the kids, I’m on a tight schedule for working out during the week. Continue reading »

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Night Moves 5k

I’ve said a few times that The Coach and I are looking for some 5K races around the area we can do for fun together. The idea is that since we don’t have the time right now to do a lot of serious training we can at least find some fun races to use as intermediate motivation. Well, the other day, The Coach found the March Of Dimes Night Moves 5k for us to do.

The March Of Dimes is an organization that is pretty near to our hearts. All three of our children were born premature and spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

My older son, born 10 weeks premature.

So we haven’t yet signed up for the event, but plan to do so soon. There is a 5k and a 5mi. The 5mi sounds interesting, but I haven’t run more than a 5k in the past month and since we’ll be pushing our kids it’d be better to just stick with the shorter distance.

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Lacking Motivation

I’ll admit it, I’ve passed my “A” race for the season and it feels like it’s all downhill until my next planned race…in April. I’m really struggling with motivation at the moment because I want to stay in shape and improve, but after a really stressful and busy summer combined with a lot of sickness around the house, I’m worn out. Continue reading »

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