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A nice run in the snow…I mean slush

So recently I’ve noticed that the weather has gotten colder and this strange white stuff has started falling from the sky. Right after Christmas the forecast said snow was coming so I started thinking about continuing my cold weather running even when the sidewalks and roads started getting a little too slippery for normal running. Around the same time Columbus Running Company posted on their Facebook page that they have Yaktrax available at their stores. I’d read a review about them a while back and how great they were with running on slippery wintery surfaces.I ended up getting the “Walk” version because the guy at CRC said the only real difference was a strap that went over the top of your shoes. I tried them on and they seemed pretty solidly attached to my shoes, so I wasn’t too worried about them falling off. Continue reading »

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Awesome Black Friday Deal!

Every year I see Black Friday come and hear about all these great deals but generally don’t bother with it. It’s something that I know is out there and I could probably get something cheap but I don’t want to bother with the crowds or the hassle. A lot of the time I know that the specific model of whatever is being offered is really not as great as it sounds so it’s not something I’m too interested in. This year, though, things were a little different. Continue reading »

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Giant Eagle Multisport Festival 2012 – GPS Recording

July 29th was my main race for the season: the Giant Eagle Multisport Festival Olympic Distance Triathlon. Since this will be fairly detailed, I’m going to break it up into multiple sections: pre-race/swim, bike/run, post-race/observations, and GPS recording. The Coach also wrote a post about her experience as a spectator watching the point-to-point race along the way.

A quick word about my GPS recording plans for the race. I decided to use two different watches to record the race with. The first was my Garmin Forerunner 910xt. It’s a dedicated triathlon watch with an open-water swim mode and has become my constant training companion over the past few months. I love it and it’s all set up to work with my bike sensor and foot pod for running. However, during my other race this year, the OU AIA Triathlon back in April, I had an issue with the watch. When I finished the race and tried to upload it, the data was corrupted and wouldn’t work. So I ended up doing some major workarounds to have any kind of recording of that race after the fact. This time I didn’t want to have the same problem so I brought along my trusty old Garmin Forerunner 305. This watch was my previous training watch and worked great. The main differences between the two are the swimming features and the size. Continue reading »

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Getting Help

For a long time I wanted to be able to fix my own car and be really skilled at that, but I realized that with all the computerization and technology in modern automobiles, it was really better to let an expert fix it. I’ve always been more of a DIY’er when I can be. I prefer to build something myself and figure out problems myself instead of having someone else do it for me. So this is why I got my own bike stand and tool kit to be able to do maintenance on my bike. I also got a really awesome book, Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn, that gives step-by-step instructions for how to do most types of bike repair. Continue reading »

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Gear Bag: Umm…Well, gear bags!

One of the things that helps me take advantage of opportunities to exercise is my workout bag. Having some kind of backpack, duffel, sack or whatever that you can put all your workout gear in is essential to getting yourself outside quickly and efficiently. At a basic level, all you really need is a container to put your workout clothes, toiletries and anything else you might want to bring with you in, but I’ve found that it helps to have something even more. Personally I use a triathlon bag because it has more pockets and options than just a standard backpack. It also has a removable waterproof bag inside to hold my wetsuit for when I’m swimming open water. Continue reading »

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