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5 Tips For Planning A Family-Friendly Race Season –

Here’s a pretty cool article I came across about how to plan out your race season while keeping in mind your family. I’ve found it’s really hard to try to balance having kids, a job and training all at the same time and planning out what races to do and when to do them has always been a challenge. Personally, I’m probably going to end up going to at least one or two races by myself because it’s just not worth it to get the kids up and out in time for most races I do. The article points out a bunch of great suggestions to get the most out of your season and keeping in mind your family. The author is a father of three very similar to me (twins+1 additional, though his singleton came first) and has a pretty cool blog you can find here.

The article can be found here.

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50 Bodyweight Exercises –

Don’t think you can work out because you don’t have equipment? Here’s a list of 50 things that you can do without any gear! Don’t think that sounds like much of a challenge? Give it a try and you’ll be surprised!

The list can be found here.

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The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition [Infographic] – From

Here’s a pretty cool infographic about workout nutrition from It goes through nutrition for pre, post and during workout periods with reasons why each is important and how each type of food fits into things. All in all a pretty nifty guide.

It can be found here.

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Awesome Black Friday Deal!

Every year I see Black Friday come and hear about all these great deals but generally don’t bother with it. It’s something that I know is out there and I could probably get something cheap but I don’t want to bother with the crowds or the hassle. A lot of the time I know that the specific model of whatever is being offered is really not as great as it sounds so it’s not something I’m too interested in. This year, though, things were a little different. Continue reading »

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Goggle Video Review

Here’s a video review I did taking a look at my Tyr Socket Rocket goggles and my new Tyr Special Ops goggles.


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