Workout Wrapup – May 26-June 1

Workout Wrapup – May 26-June 1

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Monday: Short Run (pushing kids)

  • Distance: 3.55mi
  • Time: 35:12
  • Avg Pace: 9:55min/mi
  • Description: After filming some interviews for the Triple-T promo video, I thought that the rest of the day would be spent relaxing and hanging around the house. Part of me wanted to get some kind of exercise in since it was Memorial Day and we had the day off from work, but I figured that we’d just lay low that afternoon. To my surprise, The Coach suggested that we go for a run with the kids so we headed out and did the route I normally take in the mornings. It was a bit rough since we had the kids and it was pretty warm out, but overall, not a bad run!

Tuesday: Spinning

  • Time: 25min
  • Description: I headed over to the gym and spent just shy of a half hour on the stationary bike. Not a lot of fun, but I could tell it was working my legs a lot! I didn’t have time for anything other than that, unfortunately.

Wednesday: Trainer Ride

  • Time: 30:08
  • Description: After a good run on Monday and a pretty intense time on the bike Tuesday I decided that I was going to not be quite as rough on myself on Wednesday as I had been. I spent a half hour on the trainer in the basement, but instead of doing intervals again, I ended up just walking up through the gears over 15min then walking back down them. It was definitely still work, but not as intense as at the gym.

Thursday: Short run

  • Distance: 3.53mi
  • Time: 29:08
  • Avg Pace: 8:15min/mi
  • Description: My normal loop around town. Nothing exciting, but a good run. I did manage the fastest pace for quite a while. I need to keep pushing myself like this. My goal is to get my 5k pace under 8min/mi and start pushing my distances out with the goal of building up to a possible half or full marathon in the fall.

Friday: Open Water Swim

  • Distance: 0.5mi
  • Time: 18:28
  • Description: First time this year I got to swim open water! It was a rough swim, not so much because of being out of shape but because the water was pretty frigidly cold! The Coach is training for our relay race next weekend so she took off pretty fast so I went out and did my thing. My arms were pretty tired from the cold so I was probably quite a bit slower than normal.

Saturday: Lifting, Spinning, Lap Swim

  • Distance: 1000yd
  • Time: 19:01
  • Avg Pace: 1:54min/100yd
  • Description: This was another of our weekly tradition of lifting then swimming. I lifted for about 30min then went and swam afterward. Nothing exciting, I did get 1000yd in, though.

Well, building on last week, I worked out 6 days this week! It feels good to get out and get active and hopefully this will continue for a while.

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