Workout Wrapup April 14-20

Workout Wrapup April 14-20

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Sunday: Birthday Run

  • Distance: 5.4mi
  • Time: 57:09
  • Avg Pace: 10:33min/mi
  • Description: For my birthday The Coach decided we should combine exercise and family time by going for a run with the kids. She set up a little scavenger hunt for me and we went to a few places like the rec center where we swim, Blockbuster Video where we rent videos each weekend to watch as a family and our favorite pizza place. We picked up a movie and some calzones to have a fun, relaxing afternoon. It was broken up by a bunch of stops, but ended up being a pretty good workout, especially pushing two 30+lb toddlers.

Tuesday: Short run

  • Time: 29:56
  • Pace: 8:30min/mi
  • Description: Jump on and go. Seems to be the trend around here…So I did 5min warmup then 20min at a high resistance and another 5min cooldown. It wasn’t fun, but it was good. I need to keep working my legs to get ready for the hills I’ll be seeing at my first race in a couple weeks!

Saturday: Swim

  • Distance: 2000yd
  • Time: 34:07
  • Avg pace: 1:53/100yd
  • Description: This week I decided to get in a longer swim for a change. Usually I lift before swimming so I wanted to see how I’d do without wearing myself out. I did better than expected so I’m feeling pretty good for the swim in my upcoming race.

I had really hoped to get more workouts in this week in preparation for my race next Saturday but as usual, all kinds of things kept getting in the way. My first race of the season is coming up fast and, as usual, I really don’t feel ready for it. But I’m just going to try to have fun and see how I can do with it.

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