Workout Wrapup April 7-13

Workout Wrapup April 7-13

As a way to try to help show how I take advantage of opportunities and try to live out this idea of fitting fitness into tight spaces, here is a quick look at my week of working out.

Sunday: Short Run

  • Distance: 2.4mi
  • Time: 21:32
  • Avg Pace: 9:00min/mi
  • Description: It was super nice out so I decided to run with the kids in the Burley for the first time this spring. Of course, we also had somewhere to go that morning so by the time I got out the door with them and on the road, it was pretty late. So I was only able to go just under 2.5mi. Really looking forward to many more runs with them! It is also good to note that I was able to push them at a 9min pace, not bad for pushing 60+lbs of toddlers + stroller!

Wednesday: Trainer Ride

  • Time: 30:01
  • Description: Jump on and go. Seems to be the trend around here…So I did 5min warmup then 20min at a high resistance and another 5min cooldown. It wasn’t fun, but it was good. I need to keep working my legs to get ready for the hills I’ll be seeing at my first race in a couple weeks!

Saturday: Swim and Lift

  • Distance: 1025yd
  • Time: 20:39
  • Avg pace: 1:56/100yd
  • Description: Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve been in the pool! I finally got in and swam again and it felt good, but I could tell it’s been a while. I did a 200yd warmup then a 550yd straight to see how I’d do at the distance of my first race this season. My pace for that chunk was 1:59/100yd. Not great, but it’s only 4sec/100yd off my estimated pace that I planned on. I also ended up swimming in my full race gear. Well, except for the swim cap. It is always an adjustment when I start swimming with the tri top on so I wanted to see how things would feel with it on. I know when it comes down to race morning, I’ll be pumped with adrenalin but I’m happy about where I’m at for the moment. Before swimming I also lifted for a bit so I know that affected my performance in the water as well.

Not a bad week overall. Not great, but 4 workouts in a week is pretty good these days. I’m feelingĀ  a bit better physically and starting to get that motivation back. It got cold this week again, not super cold, but down to the 40’s at times. It was enough to make me not want to be outside running some of the days. We also had a late night with one of our kids waking up in the middle of the night so that was rough on us for sleeping. It’s just time to keep working and speeding up.

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